By:  Janya Eighani
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Lehman Walsh Lawyers is pleased to announce that, effective immediately, it will be the first Australia Law Firm to accept three of the major digital currencies, as forms of payment of legal fees, from its client. Starting 13 September 2017, Lehman Walsh, will accept Bitcoins, Ethereum and NEO Tokens, as forms of payment for legal fees.
The offering opens up possibilities and creates efficiencies that do not currently exist in the usual fiat currency markets, especially when one is dealing with cross border clients.
Digital or Crypto currencies, as a payment method, is a great tool to achieve financial independence and freedom and creates tremendous and efficient opportunities for both service providers and clients. Lehman Walsh Lawyers, as an organisation, operates with a progressive and developing philosophy, onboarding the benefits of technological advances that our larger competitors either shy away from or are too slow or too afraid to adopt.
Expanding our acceptance of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Neo Tokens, may be seen by some as a brave move – after all, we’re talking about a volatile crypto-market where values fluctuate by double digits on a daily basis. But we think that the risk we shoulder is worth the benefits that our clients receive.
Bitcoins are the talk of town at the moment, but lesser known tokens (which are not really traditional forms of digital currencies, per se) such as Ethereum and Neo also hold enormous value, both in their market value as forms of tradable ‘commodities’ and also the promise they entail to change the manner which many industries and professions operate in the future.
Onboarding our acceptance of digital currencies and tokens, require us to assess risk (so we know the value of what we’re accepting as our professional fees), learn about the underlying technology as it concerns our clients (be able to explain the value proposition when asked) and forces us to expand our understanding and appreciation of the ever-expanding and applicable Blockchain technology (allowing us to be a step ahead of our competitors in innovating our offerings).
On the client side of things, integration of these efficient and groundbreaking payment methods will help to improve the experience of Startup and Corporate clients who engage Lehman Walsh Lawyers for their legal needs. By accepting different forms of digital currencies and tokens, we are expanding the payment options which helps to proactively modernise the payment process for our clients and ultimately improves the quality of life and business by incorporating the most efficient and convenient payment systems available to clients.
On the business front for us, our core value of providing cost effective and contemporary legal services is not only assist in this decision, but it also facilitates the expansion of our services beyond the borders of Australia, without having to deal with unnecessary, bureaucratic and burdensome financial services facilitation of the current international banking system.
Our most recent and specifically targeted expansion into the Chinese market, set up a specific task; target and tailor to our (Startup and corporate) clients in China and provide them with the ability to use our services, without having to go through the difficulties inherent in the banking system there. We then identified two most widely used, local digital token, and decided to adopt NEO Tokens (a Blockchain platform developed in China, turning the tides in favour of Smart Contracts) as a form of payment of our fees.
In the spirit of making our services more accessible in every way, Lehman Walsh hopes that our acceptance of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Neo Tokens as forms of payment for our legal services goes some way to contribute to pave the way to a more efficient future.


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